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Individuals & Families

We approach wealth management from a relationship perspective as opposed to a transaction based model.  This means we work with clients to create customized solutions that address your multifaceted objectives and empower you and your family to help grow, protect and manage your wealth. 

What's your plan to take care of you and your family ?

Families provide the foundation for your success and inspiration. "Family" has many definitions whether it means, parents, grandparents, children, step children, life partners or extended family members. We want to help you provide, nurture and take care of your family members to ensure their happiness and success in the level of comfort and financial independence that you see fit. 

Independent life planning for your one best life

First we must work to make sure your needs are met so that you can be that provider of financial stability for those you love. " We believe that no one will take as good of care of you as you ", we need to help ensure you, the provider, have a financial road map to address any possible pitfall or hazards that could derail your success and plans. This enables you to take care of your child or dependent that would be left in need of help without you.

After learning what's important to you and what you would like to achieve, we develop independent customized strategies that incorporate the numerous aspects of managing and enjoying your wealth. These are just some of the important areas we will cover.

  • Tax efficiency: Active, independent and customized investment management can provide valuable opportunities to enhance an investor’s after-tax returns. We work with you to design strategies that aim to minimize capital-gain recognition and maximize after-tax returns.
  • Retirement planning: What does retirement mean to you? How can an advisor help you plan for your needs in retirement or advise you on your investment management if you have not discussed what returns are needed to achieve your goals. We ask you those questions and help you make a plan. 
  • Estate and multigenerational planning: We work closely with our clients’ tax and legal advisors to create independent plans for accomplishing your wealth-transfer goals after planning for your lifetime spending needs in a tax-efficient manner that is consistent with your wishes.
  • Philanthropic strategies: We implement philanthropic strategies that are integrated into the overall wealth-management plan. We ask the important questions of you and the organization you wish to support to make sure you are allocating your legacy dollars wisely.

We want to help you feel good about money

Wealth is something that can provide financial freedom and make life easier for you and your loved ones or it can be something that causes tension in current relationships and for generations to come in your family. Let us help educate and empower you to make a plan that helps ensure this that does not happen to your family.