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Empowered Women

Are you actively involved in your financial affairs or have you consistently deferred that responsibility to your husband or significant other?

Are you comfortable asking the right questions of your financial professional? 

Do you know what questions to ask? 

What plan or "road map "do you have in place to help you and your family reach your goals and to protect you from unforeseen hazards along way? 

Women who do not actively participate and leave the financial planning decisions to someone else later regret that decision due to death, divorce or disability.    

Become Empowered To Help Insure Your Financial Well Being

You may be transitioning into retirement, starting a business, emerging from your relationship or marriage, or maybe you have unfortunately been recently widowed, and you don't know where to begin? Perhaps you just realized it is time to take an active role in the managing of your financial well being.  "No one will take as good of care of you as you." We are here to empower you with education, confidence and truth about how to best put together an independent and customized financial plan designed to help you and your family reach your financial goals.

We Understand You

From our experience we know that women make financial decisions differently than men and may at times have different hopes, dreams and fears for themselves and their families. We work with you and your spouse or partner (if applicable) to help identify your hopes, dreams and fears and how we can address them. We use our life choices approach to help facilitate an honest conversation that gives each person a voice in creating the financial plan. 

We Are Here For You

We know how much you care and how diligent you are in taking care of whatever comes your way, whether it is running a business, a career, a profession or your family. You work hard, you do what you can to help ensure that all is taken care of for others, especially your loved ones.  Many times the needs of other come at the expense of your future financial independence and happiness.

We appreciate and commend all that you do and would love to work with you! We will help you become aware and understand all of your options and guide you when you need it to help you take complete control of your finances and your future.